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Veronica (Ronnie) Salter holds a BSc. Honours degree (Psychology Special) from the University of Hull in the UK, and a Masters and Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of the West Indies. 

She also attended the Institute of Social and Experimental Psychology, The University of Oxford where she was part of a research team with Michael Argyle on various projects involving social skills training, non- verbal communication and body language.

She is a certified hypnotherapist and release therapist having attained certification from the Wellness institute, Seattle. This included advanced training in addiction therapy (including love or sexual addiction), use of psychodrama, the management of co-dependency, grief, incest and abuse recovery.



Your Facilitators 

Veronica Salter Ph.d. 


​Maroghini is a master percussionist, author and vocalist, known for his inspired commitment to ritualistic drumming and transformation through music.  He is the author of the book "Spiritual Drumming---Jamaica's African and Indian Musical Heritage".

Maroghini developed a love affair with the drum in early childhood.  After completing studies at the Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts he travelled to Africa, the birthplace of his father, where he underwent extensive training in the esoteric art of drumming.  He later pursued studies in Latin percussion in Europe and also spent years studying Indian Tabla drumming under masters from the Far East.  He is a former lecturer at the Folkwang University Of The Arts (Folkwang Hochschule) in Essen, Germany and has also been a music teacher and drum circle leader for hundreds of children and adults at Windsor Mountain International in the USA for over 16 years.

A pioneer in the field of music and sound therapy, he has worked with sound energy as a healing methodology in traditional as well as modern settings.  In 1980, he collaborated on a study with the Neurological and Poly Clinic of the University Hospital in Essen, Germany on the physiological effects of drumming. 

Maroghini has a solid foundation in metaphysics in which he focused heavily on transcendental music. For more than thirty years he has been an advanced Initiate in an ancient Esoteric Order, of which his family has been a part since the 1930's. Additionally, he has taken part in countless ritualistic ceremonies throughout the world learning the mystical side of sound and music from many Traditional Healers, Shamans and Spiritual teachers.

He is the creator of Psycho Acoustic Sound Session, a metaphysical and scientific sound therapy technique utilizing drums, percussion instruments, sound effects and chanting to promote mental and physical relaxation plus profound mystical effects beyond the scope of modern science.




She is a trained RoHun therapist and Breathwork facilitator as well as a facilitator of the Personal Transformation Intensive Programme offered by the Wellness Institute.  She also studied the Bardo and transition, and subtle energy healing including recovery work and is a Reiki practitioner - all of which she incorporates, as appropriate, into her healing work.

Dr. Salter has worked for over 20 years with survivors of abuse (mostly women) and offers her skills to various NGOs.   By drawing on her varied areas of expertise she encourages individuals to transform themselves from victims to empowered survivors.



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